2015- curator "Greater Nebraska Part Two, About Human" at The Lux Center For The Arts, Lincoln, NE.
2014- co-curator "Greater Nebraska, Part One" a survey of contemporary Nebraska artists @ The Lux Center For The Arts, Lincoln, NE.
2012-present:  Exhibition Committee member Lux Center for the Arts.
2011-present:  Board member Medici Foundation (raises money for Univ. of Nebraska Art Dept.)
2008-  Founded ProjectRoom -a contemporary art exhibition space, Lincoln, NE
2004-  Curator/Organizer of the Upstream Brewing Company's Legacy Project. A private collection of contemporary Nebraska art.
2002-  Co-Founder of The Artists Consortium (an artists' owned organization to exhibit and promote art in Lincoln, NE.

2007-  "O" Public Art Project; A community arts project coordinated by The Bemis Arts Center, The Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and Alegent Health.
1992- The Paris Review, "The Dust Blows Forward and The Dust Blows Back" Fall Issue: p.156-63
1991-  A&M Records, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. Cover art for Toni Childs' CD and album "House Of Hope".

2001- Nebraska Arts Council Merit Award, Individual Artist Fellowship.
1992- Nebraska Arts Council Master Award, Individual Artist Fellowship.
1991-  Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment For The Arts Fellowship Award in Photography.
1980-  Vreeland Award recipient for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts (undergraduate),  from The University of Nebraska Foundation.


2017- "The Infinite Landscape".  Iron Tail Gallery, LIncoln, NE
2015- "Chicken Wire Paintings".  Iron Tail Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2015- "Retrieval/Redemption".  Darger HQ. Lincoln, NE
2014-  "My Western Landscape".  Elder Gallery, Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE
2014-  "People Knew Him As A Manipulator of Form & Material But What He Really Was Was An Assassin".  @ Iron Tail Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2013-  "Something About The West, Something About The Space" @ Iron Tail Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2013-  "True West".  Walker Art Gallery, University of Nebraska, Kearney.
2012-  "Two Guys & A Fence".  @ Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2011-  "Drive Dark West".   ProjectRoom, Lincoln, NE
2010-  "My Western Landscape".  -Gallery Henn, Maastricht, Holland
2008-  "Something About The Space".  -ProjectRoom, Lincoln, NE
2005-  "Tugboat Dredges Roper's Basement".  -Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2004-  "The Raw Pop Power Project".  -Fluxion Gallery, Omaha, NE
2003-  "Gun Paintings".  -Fluxion Gallery, Omaha, NE
2002-  "New Paintings And Old Stuff"  -The Artists' Consortium, Lincoln, NE
1996-  "DRIVE" -an installation-Richards Hall Gallery, University of NebraskaLincoln
1994-  "American Photo Bundles"  -MK Expostieruimte, Rotterdam, Holland
1993-  "Photo Bundles"  -Bianca Lanza Gallery, Miami Beach, FL
1993-   "Two Guys From Lincoln; Craig Roper & Cameron Shaw"  -Sheldon Memorial Gallery. Lincoln, NE. *catalog essay by Daphne Deeds
1992-  "Reality Bundles",  -Gallery Henn, Maastricht, Holland
1992-  "Craig Roper" Bess Cutler Gallery, Soho, New York, NY
1992-  "Cheap Art, Cheap Bourbon".  Richard/Bennett Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1991-  Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA * catalog essay by Christian Leigh
1989-  Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1987-  Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1986-  Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1984-  University Center Gallery, University of California-Santa Barbara
1983-  Galleria Picasso, Santa Barbara, CA


2016- "Nebraska Rising". Curated by Alex Priest @ The Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, NE
2015- "Eidetic". Curated by Launa Bacon.  @ Darger HQ Gallery. Lincoln, NE
2014- "12 Photographers", curated by Keith Jacobshagen, @ Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2014-  San Francisco artMARKT, Randall Scott Projects
2014-  "Mummies Are Sitting Ducks, Contemporary Artists Exhume The Influence of Wm. S. Burroughs"  On The Occasion Of His 100th Birthday.               @Cider Gallery, Lawrence, KS
2013-  PhotoBOMB.  PhotoNoLa @ The Front.  New Orleans, LA
2012-   Texas Contemporary Art Fair, Randall Scott Projects, Houston, TX,
2009-  American Artists-German Friends.  @ Gallery Henn, Maastricht, Holland
2006-  Tugboat At Sheldon Memorial Gallery,  Lincoln, NE
2006-  Tugboat Presents,  The Hot Shops, Omaha, NE 2004-  The Black & White Show,  Modern Arts Midwest, Lincoln, NE
2004-  The Gun & Knife Show,  @ Fahrenheit Gallery, Kansas City, MO
2004-  The Stray Show,  Chicago, IL  
2003-  The Upstream Legacy Art Project, The Artists’ Consortium, Lincoln, NE
           RSVP/MONA,  Museum of Nebraska Art, Kearney, NE
2002-  1st Invitational Group Show,  The Artists’ Consortium, Lincoln, NE
2001-  3 Decades,  @ Richards Hall Gallery, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1994-  * Nervous Landscapes,  @ Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, FL      
      * catalog essay by Alison Devine Nordstrom
1993-   West Coast Art,  @ Weber Contemporary Art, Munich, Germany
1993-  * Book, Box, Word.  @ North Miami Center of Contemporary Art, North Miami
1993-  Bianca Lanza Gallery,  Miami Beach, FL
1992-  Landscape As Subject,  @ Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE
1992-  Déjà vu,   Asher-Faure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1992-  Iconic Landscape,   Estok-Lanza Fine Art, New York, NY
          * New Photography,  Museo di Fotogra?a, Brescia, Italy
1991-  * Photography as Object,  Galerie Ghislave, Paris, France
1991-   Accrochage Objects,  @ Galerie Henn, Maastricht, Holland
1991-   Summer,  @ Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1991-   Landscape/Six Perspectives,  Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman College, Orange, CA.    
       *catalog essay by Maggi Owens
1990-  Black & White,  Sheldon Memorial Gallery, Lincoln, NE
1990-  *Object Of Stratification,  Bitter-Larkin Gallery, New York, NY and the Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles,  CA
1990-   *Light Aberrations,  University of Texas-San Antonio Art Gallery
1989-  Aesthetics,  @ Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1988-  The New Code,  @ Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1987-  The Art Of Politics,  @ Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1983-  A Black Attack On Galleria Picasso,  Santa Barbara, CA
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